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Large Format Printing Tips

When you need a large format print, following a few pointers can ensure the finished product is extraordinary.

The original artwork you use is the most critical piece of the puzzle. In large format printing, clarity is vital, so everything begins with solid clipart.

  • Vector Art – Choosing to print in vector format ensures fantastic graphics. The reason why is because these files get computer-generated. Instead of segmented pixels, vectors use shapes. Regardless of size, they produce a higher quality image and are available multiple extensions, including SVG, AI, EPS, and PDF.
  • EPS Files – EPS extension files are standard in the printing industry. Ideal for large-scale signs and banners, they offer the highest resolution for excellent print quality. Compatibility across multiple operating systems helps to avoid issues in workflow. Created in professional illustration programs, it never loses clarity, regardless of how large it gets scaled.
  • Raster/Bitmap Files – Projects with long-distance viewing ranges, such as road signs, look better using extensions such as TIF, GIF, PNG, or JPG. These types of files have millions of small pixels that collectively create the entire image. Higher resolution files are more challenging to work with – other factors, such as software and hard drive capacity, can bottleneck productivity.
  • Pantone Files – When you need to overlay, add emblems, or add other visual features, PMS extension files are the best choice for dynamic graphics. They provide a rainbow of color with deep contrast. Pantone prints are best for vivid visuals.

Printing Design Tips

A well-balanced and thought-out sign printing design combined with a straightforward and easy-to-read message is likely to yield more results than a haphazard sign with little planning behind it.

The purpose of wide extension signs is to capture the attention of people from a distance. While you might get drawn to fanciful fonts; readability is the name of the game.

Select easy-to-read font styles, combine them with strong brand messaging, and you cannot go wrong. Generally, San Serif font families are always a safe bet for balancing style and readability.

Always avoid crowding letters and aim to leave approximately 1/3 of your print space empty.

Color Selection

Color psychology is a fascinating topic. In digital printing projects, you will want to have enough contrast that people can read and elicit an emotional response. Dark, vivid colors are best for backgrounds and backdrops: lighter colors and white work well in text for reading at distance.

The simpler you keep it, the better!

Professional Sign Printing Services Removes The Guesswork

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