Before you upload your job to our Addison location, there are some steps that will need to be taken.

Make sure you follow these steps to prevent production delays of your job.

  1. First, you need to download our order form. =>
  2. Secondly, open the PDF and make your selections. Just type your information and make your selection in the blue boxes.
  3. All * fields are required to be filled out, if not there will be a delay in job production.
  4. Save the PDF order form and you're going to do two things.Place it into the project folder – This will be the zipped folder that will be uploaded to us. Email Northside location to notify them that the project folder has been uploaded.
  5. Contact information is below.

Now you’re ready to upload your folder:

  • As we said above, all files need to be placed into a folder, and the folder needs to be titled by the project name.
  • This keeps the jobs on our account organized and helps us keep production moving forward.
  • Then the whole folder needs to be ZIP before uploaded.
  • The links below are directions on how to ZIP your project folder.

Zipping File for PC

Zipping Files for Mac

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Jobs not properly uploaded can result in quality issues or missed deadlines. Also, the files and folders are deleted after 30 days.

Contact David Hajnal, after you have uploaded your job folder.

Also attach the PDF order form when letting David know of your job request by email.
swbp2@swbp.com - P: (972) 250-1414

If you're still using the FTP connection for Keller Springs Click Here

Step 1. Downloadable the PDF work order form.

*You will need to save it to your computer to type information. We highly recommend saving it to the job folder that will be uploaded.

Step 2. Fill the work order form.

Step 3. After filling it out save it in your job folder.

Step 4. Now zip your job folder that should be name after your job title.

Step 5. Click the Upload button below.